I adore working with Susannah. I’ve worked with other writers in the past, and I’ve found myself having to spend hours fixing what they turned in. That’s part of the joy of working with Susannah: She ‘gets it.’ Her work is always perfect, and she knows how to take a project with minimal direction and run with it. She’s skilled with the technical things like SEO as well as the mechanics of good, cohesive writing, but more importantly, she’s skilled with the finer points – like capturing the right voice and engaging the reader. In fact, she’ll frequently present an angle I hadn’t considered – to the benefit of the entire project. And to top it off, she’s reliable, professional, and always pleasant to deal with.

I’ve turned to Susannah many times when I was in a bind, and she always comes through. I love it when she’s on a project, because I can relax – I know my client will be thrilled with her work. She is my go-to writer, because she is that good.
— Beth Carter, Freelance Writing Solutions
Susannah has developed some of the written content for our website and brochures, and we are truly delighted with her work. Her writing is very concise and clear, and what makes her different is her ability to listen and really hear what her clients are saying and what they mean. In addition, her understanding of search engine ranking and knowledge of good SEO practices has been very helpful. We couldn’t have worked with a more consummate professional!
— Aamir Maniar, Partner, HRSS
Very grateful we have someone like Susannah on our marketing team who has a rare but brilliant talent for quickly and professionally absorbing from internal teams, the product technical information, features and benefits, market problems, and customer pain points reliably, while always meeting deadlines. She creates our messaging, blogs, papers, webpage content, and press releases that simply put ‘nails it every time’ in a way that resonates perfectly with our target audiences. Always a pleasure working on projects with Susannah.
— Mike Villarreal, Product Manager, Maponics
I hired Susannah as a marketing copywriter when I was building a team in my capacity as a director of communications. Susannah is a rare breed of copywriter and communications professional. She offered valuable, critical insight into our communications strategy and messaging, worked as both a team player in producing collateral and a leader in managing and implementing campaigns. You really get the best of all worlds with her, as she doesn’t hesitate to take on projects, actively welcomes feedback and steps up in sharing creative ideas about direction. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again and wish that we had the opportunity to work together on other projects. She’s smart, fun to work with, and a productive and gifted writer.
— Elena Esteban, Former Director of Communications, Maponics
I highly recommend Susannah Noel as a copyeditor. I recently wrote my first book - Waking the Spirit: A Musician’s Journey Healing Body, Mind, and Soul - for Macmillan:Picador. Susannah was the copyeditor and she did a great job, adding to the value of the book. Her work was precise and exhaustive (and maybe exhausting for her, but not for me!). She made several really great saves, spotting things that my editor, publisher, and I never saw. In cases involving music and medicine (which is what the book is about) she understood that there is more than one way to write things, stylistically, and deferred to me. That was much appreciated. All in all, a real professional who clearly loves her work. I would hope she can work on my next book.
— Andrew Schulman, Author, Waking the Spirit: A Musician's Journey Healing Body, Mind, and Soul (Picador, 2016)
‘I’m pretty picky with who I like and when I tell you I appreciate your work, I mean it. I’m not surprised that the designer picked up on the quality of your editing! You really are wonderful to work with. I like the way you think, the care you take in your work, your open and conscientious attitude and attention to detail combined with your willingness to treat us professionally and commitment to improve how we do things – how could I not be satisfied?’
— Lyza Bayard, Tufts University Dining Services
I’ll never forget the first job she did for me on a book entitled The Secrets of Afro-Cuban Divination. This was back in the days when we did the line edits on paper with a pencil. There were at least a dozen queries on Post-Its running down the side of every page for the first fifty pages of the manuscript. They were good questions, too, which needed to be asked because the author’s presentation of the material was profoundly disorienting. He had started off way over the head of any reader new to the subject. What he needed to do was rewrite the introduction, and Susannah’s queries showed him how to do it. The author has never forgotten that edit either; he freely credits Susannah with teaching him how to write and has included her in the acknowledgments section of every book since. In the acknowledgments for his fourth book he said, ‘Susannah, three books later, the comments and suggestions you made as you edited my first volume are still fresh in my mind; I remembered each and every one as I wrote this volume.’
— Laura Schlivek, Project Editor, Inner Traditions International
‘Dear Susannah: Your observations are brilliant! SO grateful for your astuteness and thoughtfulness and and and! Thank you for catching continuity errors and stepping out of your proofreader’s shoes every so often to offer a right-on editorial suggestion! I just want to thank you again for having done such a wonderful job. Thank you thank you thank you!!! I will certainly recommend you whenever an opportunity arises.’
— Alisa Clements, Self-Published Author, All At Once
At CPA Site Solutions we’ve tried to hire writers in the past with little to no success. Given our history we weren’t sure what to expect when Susannah started. To say Susannah completely changed our perception and delivered invaluable results would be an understatement! From the moment she joined our team Susannah added immensely to our writing efforts and to our company culture. She’s inquisitive, a great listener and has a voracious appetite for learning and professional development. Susannah is also a great initiator of new projects, a doer, the person you look to to make things happen and move a project forward. Since she started she has completely revamped our Blog, expertly managed our social media, trained, managed and acculturated new writers and can always be counted on to stay on the cutting edge of content creation.
— Jim Tourville, Former COO, CPA Site Solutions
Susannah has has done extremely high quality SEO copywriting, editing and research to help optimize various sections of the Whole Foods Market website. She asks great questions, does excellent research and is incredibly self-directed. I can’t recommend her enough.
— Rebecca Joerres, Former Managing Editor, Whole Foods Market
Susannah Noel is a gem of a copywriter, editor and communicator. Not only did she write much of our first newsletter, she won us an award for it. The Council for the Advancement and Support of Education is all about winning over the audience and their award listing for that newsletter mentions Susannah by name. She’s a real pro, swift on the job and always on message in a fresh and lively style. It goes without saying that we hired her back for subsequent newsletters, too.
— Gary Moore, Former Academic Dean, Vermont College of Fine Arts